Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

Well here in Oklahoma it seems like the winds of change are blowing. Yesterday was just so nice and beautiful and in the 60's, lots of sunshine. However, it did change overnight. We woke up to strong wind gusts, and the wind chill makes you say Brrrr and it isn't going to get much above 40 today. What a way to welcome in the New Year. I started this bloggy and admit I don't get around to writing in it as much as I sometimes like to. So my adventures are just about zilch. I am looking forward though to having many for the coming year. Last night I was watching a show about buried treasure. I love shows like this, it just totally fascinates me. We watched how the confederate army had all these gold and silver coins last night, on a show called De-Coded. There is lots of mystery surrounding these coins and a secret soiciaty dating back to the Civil War. Seems like it was worth millions, but during the end of the war somehow all of it vanished. I would love to just go out with one of those grieger counters and search for it. Even if I didn't find anything, it would have been fun just to try. So hoping that everyone has a very Happy New Year, maybe this will be the year of riches and prosperity. Look for hidden treasure in everything, you will be greatly rewarded.

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  1. Hey pal - we hope you find those golden riches!! A very Happy New Year to you and your family. We hope everyone in your family stays healthy for 2011.