Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween will soon be here!

Who you gonna call ghostbuster's! I ain't afraid of no ghosts. Well I am not anymore to say the least. I am going back in time, almost 30 years ago. I have always had a open mind I guess you could say, about the super-natural. Many things have happened in my life that I just cannot explain. I lived in a small-town and had moved away from my parents. We rented a small one-bedroom apartment and didn't have alot of furniture. I can still recall though what happened to me there. Again, I have never been to explain this, I just know thinking about it still brings chills. What happened was that every morning right before the sun came up, I would try and awaken. It was like someone was holding me, I just could not awaken. It would feel as though I could not get my breath. This went on for over a month, I was so scared. I felt like if I was to tell anyone, they would surely laugh at me or think I was nuts. Well after 2 harrowing months of having this ghost or whatever it was that made me feel like I was smothering, I had had enough. I told my first husband about it, I told him everything that had been happening. I told him it was going on every morning and I just didn't want to stay there anymore. Well we moved to the apartment down the hall, after speaking with the landlady. I do remember after we moved though, I have never ever felt that way again. I do believe anything is possible. I know though another girl moved into that apartment and left after a week. No one ever rented it again. Leaves you to wonder. Happy haunting!

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  1. Sure sounds suspicious doesn't it. specially after the 2nd girl moved out in a week. Somethiung caused her to move after only 1 week. Did the landlady give you any explanaiton? I do believe you. M says her best girlfriend in high school saw her mother-in-law in a grocery store about 6 months after she had passed away. Mom knows jean was not one to make things up and she didn't have a vivid immagination either, so M tends to believe it.