Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Countdown continues

Having lived in Oklahoma, I have actually visited some of this scary places. One being the Sacred Heart Church and Cemetary. Located near Konawa, Oklahoma. There is many stories of this place such as - This cemetery is said to be guard be a set of “demon horses.” These horses allegedly walk on air and have eyes of fire. In the rear portion of the cemetery is an old school house that dates back to the nineteenth century. Legend has it that the all the pupils of the school were killed in a horrible bus accident. It is said that at night one may hear children playing and talking, though nothing is there.
Now I never seen these so called "demon horses", but this place gave me the chills. Back in the late 70's I visited this location. There is a big white church and in the middle of the night when the moon was full, it actually looked like it was glowing. When visiting the cemetary which was down the road from the church it was reported at one time a headstone there said a girl was killed and buried by a human wolf. Later, it was removed because of so many visitors wanted to see and were desecrating it. When going to the cemetary in the middle of summer when it was hot as you went along the path you could actually feel the air cool to a chill. There was also a old creamatorium that held all kinds of things they used for burial preparations. I never visited it, however, as I was with friends and when going down that path covered with trees on both sides. We wanted to see if we could find any ghosts, oh I was being brave until I hit a spider's web and freaked. There also used to be these big doberman dog's at the church, they would run up to our car, barking. Then all of a sudden it's like a unseen force would call them and they would take off. It is rumored that monks and priests that have been dead for years walk about the mission. There have been sightings of animals making strange noises and appearing and disappearing. Hence the doberman's running and barking at us, then mysteryiously gone.

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  1. OH MY! You live in a very spooky area. I is getting scared just reading about it.