Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why do I chase Princess?

Well I am sure that many of my friends know how much I love to chase the Princess. It drives mom batty too, because Princess is going to be 15 years old this year. Mom says she is a senior kitty, as is the another male cat Tigger. She says it is the kitty's golden years and they don't need a lot of stress. Well as for myself I don't have a clue to why I love doing this so much. I think it is because she is the only female in our household, I really think she is beautiful though. So last week me and Pepe were relentless in our chasing her, she would get so scared, she would run under the bed. Then when that happened she accidently used the bathroom under the bed. Poor mom had to get under there and clean and scrub. Mom said that is it boys, we got a long lecture on not chasing and scaring her. So mom decided on a plan, when bedtime came around and to give the Princess some peace, she decided to put her in the back bedroom at night. Then when mom gets up in the morning she lets her out and puts her cat bed on the sofa so she can sit with mom and watch television. Everything was going smoothly at last mom thought, but something got into us yesterday. Me and Pepe as soon as mom let Princess out of the bedroom we ran after her and chased her. She ran to the kitchen to eat, mom fed us and we ate. As soon as Princess finished eating we were back after her, mom had to go to work. So our human dad was here with us, when mom called him to check on us, he was like I don't know what came over them boys. When mom came home we were looking as innocent as new born baby alligators. Mom was like and what did you boys do today? I just kept looking at her sheepishly, she petted me and said Beaver please stop chasing Princess. Well today is mom's day off and we are acting like little angels, if she only knew.

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  1. ha ha - your mom may have to get one of those kitty cams!!! You know - like the nanny cams for the little beans.