Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Have I ever told you how much I love anything that sparkles? From rhinestone's to diamonds, silver, gold, and even Christmas garland. I seem to have so many obsessions for a house cat. Mom finds her pieces of missing jewelry scattered throughout the house, oh and do jewelry boxes deter me any? The answer is no, my extra toes can wriggle its way into anything that is supposed to be cat proof. There is child proof hatches on the kitchen cabinets, I can take one toe and wedge them open with no problem. This afternoon was really more than a little boring, I woke up from my nap with a desire to go treasure hunting. I had my eye on a new sparkly bracelet I had seen mom hide in the jewelry box. The first part was climbing atop the dresser drawers, to be very quite while maneuvering my way up there. I completed the climb fairly easy, next was the jewelry box. With 3 paws on the dresser itself I then wedged my toes one at a time to get under the lid. Finally, I had it raised up just enough to grab the bracelet, I gently put it in my mouth. Next, I jumped off the dresser ever so quietly. I ran with all my might into the closet to inspect my treasure, it sure was a beauty. Then as they say all good things must come to a end, I was caught in the act. Mom had seen me out of the corner of her eyes, she told me the bracelet was off limits. I pouted the rest of the afternoon. Next time I will need to be more careful.

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