Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Case of the Opened Door

This morning was almost like any other morning, me & Pepe wake up extra early to play in the dark. What can I say, us cats are nocturnal creatures. Mom knows me & Pepe like to play a little extra hard sometimes, we not mean too, but we do. Thus the reason for trying to give the older cat Princess some peaceful rest in one of the back bedrooms. At night mom takes Princess and her bed into the back bedroom and shuts the door. The door has a tight fit and sometimes mom has to really push to get it open. However, this morning our human dad, since he gets up early to bring Princess out, walks in to do so and the door is already opened. Then he goes and tells mom, she was suprised and Princess was cowering under recliner because we had chased her there. So then human dad is saying which of you did this, well with the most innocent look I could muster, looked at mom. Mom is like Beaver was it Pepe, then human dad says he thinks one of us hoisted the other one while that turned the knob. Mom said we probably both got our paws and pulled it open. Princess is a senior cat of 15 years of age, mom doesn't know why we love to chase her so much. I just think it is fun, surely it isn't cause I like older more experienced girl cats is it? I myself am not sure and Pepe is the same way, sometimes we drive poor mom loony with our chasing. Well I say it is cause Valentine's Day is coming up and I want her to be my Valentine.

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  1. Hey Beve - was it really really Pepe!!! he he - or was it more the Beve!