Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have cat will Travel

It was decided by many of my fans that I should start a blog. So well here I am. MOL I am a cat that loves to have fun. I love going on roadtrips and sometimes I even take along my friends. Sometimes I have been known to run over a few curbs, but what they hey, I am a cat. We have traveled near and far, gone camping under the stars. I have also piloted a learjet from a dear friend. That is one trip that will never be forgotten. Well I think part of the fault can be blamed on the auto-pilot fell asleep and we ended up in a barnyard with smelly manure all over us. I was trying to gain control back when all of a sudden I forgot I was a cat. My interal senses took over and my paws were all sweaty, and a blur of white fur zipped in front of me. What on earth? However smelly the whole scene was, it was so hilarious, I had a blast. Me and my pal @Herbie_Cat had our friend @SirFudge wrapped up in a frilly apron. He is always a defiant one. Well he had hit the catnip a little too much, that and being drunk on Absolut Vodka. He was passed out and we decided to have a little fun. Herbie loves to cook and has his own Diner, he had baked a three tiered cake with butter icing. We coated poor SirFudge with the cake icing, when he awoke he thought it was world war III. Poor dear Fudge, we don't see him that often anymore. Maybe he will hear it through the grapevine I am writing of him. Cheers!

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  1. Haha!! Oh ur blog is great, great, GREAT! I'm so glad u have one. What fun we've had on ur roadtrips. Can't wait for more adventures. xoxo