Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Desperate Housecats need Adventure too!

Well the weekend is over! We have another beautiful sunny day in here Oklahoma City! This weekend we enjoyed some really great movies, the best one was Run, Cougar, Run. It was about a momma cougar named "Seeta" it was given to her by a Mexican man named Etio. He loved animals and every night he would play his guitar around the campfire. The animals loved his music and he had a great audience of different birds, deer, and the cougar Seeta. She had 3 kittens that she took care of, and we learned something, once a cougar mates, it is for life. It was just a wonderful movie. Not much happened in the neighborhood except those yappity doggies were having a heyday time barking at nothing. MOL I wonder what is going through their little minds, are they more bark than bite. Oh well, I have discovered that I am not even afraid of them, I love to sit in the window and taunt them. I even blew them kisses once and that made them really mad. Well until next time my friends, have a pawsome day!

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