Aren't my eyes pretty?

Aren't my eyes pretty?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Roadtrip Fever: I can drive

Can cats drive you make ask. Well of course we can drive. I even has a driver's license, I love the wind blowing through my fur. This spring like weather has my paws itching to go somewhere. The thrill of adventure has me almost in a catatonic state of overdrive. When my nostrils smell the clean earthy smell of dew on the ground, I know it is almost time. I get out my compass, camping gear, backpacks, and fishing rods. I really enjoy roadtrips the most when some of my dearest and closest friends can come along with me. @Wildaboutbirds, @Snowydaze, @Herbie_Cat, @MarioDaCat, @No_crybaby_doGs, and so many others. I think we all are still reeling from the coldest and worst winter in our states history. We had record snowfalls and some of the coldest temperatures on record. So I am pretty sure all of us could use some fresh mountain air. Whether hiking or mountain climbing, I am in it for pure clean adventure. Also, I have a new metal detector I am just exstatic about finding some treasure that has been buried. My claws can dig from here to China and I have found so many neat things. Awhile back on one of my adventures I found a real indian arrowhead. It is small and pink, I found it here in our native state of Oklahoma. I was told that it goes back to over a 100 years ago and was probably used for small game, like a rabbit or squirrel. Just think of all the story's that this small artifact holds, it gives me goosebumps just to think about it. Well I will close for now, have fun my dear friends and continue to read about my adventures.

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  1. We need a road trip pal. Sure hope I'm around when you schedule it. My peeps are leaving me for a week and going on vacation at the end of March. They be back on April Fools Day. I going to have to plan a dirty trick to pull on dem. Maybe you could cat nap me and they'll wonder where I went.